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August 2020

In the midst of the Covid slump, getting a call for a new project definitely warranted a little song and dance 💃. Making a few extra bucks in these hard times wouldn’t hurt one bit! So you’ll easily imagine that when we heard this was to be a pro-bono contribution for a non-for-profit cause, we were like… err… “Well actually, yeah! Sure! No sweat. More than happy to contribute and be a part of this in our modest way.”

And so there you go. The client, Talentnomics, an India-based NGO dedicated to inspiring, supporting and guiding women on a journey to become influential leaders and change-agents for a more balanced and harmonious world 💕, were organizing a large conference and needed branding support for it.

Instantly we were in full swing: our good friend and former colleague in Oman – Radha Mukherji – a TalentNomics advisory board member, came up with a brilliant name for the event: “Leading with Grit & Grace,” and we came up with the logo.

As we thank Iptisa Kathuria, TalentNomics India founder and CEO for her kind words of appreciation for our work and humble contribution, we also congratulate and thank her and her team for their brilliant cause and action.

Go girls, go 🦸🏻‍♀️! The world needs you.


July 2020

What do Thor (the one of old Norse mythology – not the superhero) and a rainbow have in common? 💪🔨🌈

Well, in a strange turn of events, they were the creative inspiration behind a branding we just did for a Risk & Project Management Software consultant/reseller in Sweden 🇸🇪. Founded by a bigger than life, taciturn yet fun-loving, incredibly kind and warm character from the icy-cold northern tip of Sweden, the new company required a name, logo and identity.

Following an in-depth foray into the brand and it’s founder’s personality, it soon transpired that the plan was to go well beyond reselling top-class software and provide not just advice and support on the systems, but also expert consultancy on the importance and benefits of risk & project management in the building industry, not only in terms of cost control, but also in regard to safety, environment and civil responsibility 🏗👷.

Long story short: the brand name we suggested… Yikes… Will he dare?... Of course he did! Beyond Risk & Project Management was born! Aha… and what’s Thor got to do with this? Seriously: just meet the guy once and you’ll know! As for the rainbow? Well, that’s them: the magical bridge from the technology to all the bounty that awaits “beyond”. Our client oozed with a most uncharacteristic flurry of praise: “I think I like it” – he said. Music to our ears! 🎵

We’ve no doubt our favorite Viking will do great and we wish him and “Beyond” all the very best!

#ThaliaDDB #Beyond Risk&Project Management #Thor


May 2020

At no time has Covid deterred us from coming into the office. I guess we just love it too much! 😊

And of course we’re taking all the necessary precautions. Plus there’s only few of us anyway. Few but terrific: the dream team really, you know! Thank god for them. But it’s fair to say that beyond this we’re not getting as many visitors as usual these days 😷.

So since it looks like you might not be very likely to drop in for a coffee anytime soon, we thought we could instead share a glimpse of our humble abode and introduce you to some of our adorable occasional kiddy guests 💕, as well as to Keira, our resident husky 🐕, and Summer’s pooch Bitsy...🐶



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