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"We have worked closely with Graffiti for over two decades on developing many branding projects […]: their professional and creative work on our corporate and marketing collaterals has made a considerable difference to our business. […]"

Said Al Daajani (CIRO) (IDP-C) | Director Corporate Affairs | Corporate Secretary | Zamil Industrial | Saudi Arabia | 25 April 2017

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"Francois' deep appreciation of the power of those he is working with, coupled with his sound judgement developed over many years, alongside his training as a facilitative mediator - make him a delight to work with and amazingly effective. 

When [he] unveiled our brand - the entire organization was bowled over by its originality yet resonance with all that we had discussed with him during our [brand definition] process."

James MacPherson | Managing Director | Gulf Mediation | UAE | 30 January 2024

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"Graffiti produced work of the highest quality, which reflected the aspirational ethos of [Muscat University]. My relationship with the team was one of continuous reflection, innovation and attention to detail and a high level of trust was developed as a result of the Agency’s commitment and hands-on approach to ensuring the ongoing integrity of our communications platform. I enjoyed being challenged by Francois, he always made the work more interesting, and more importantly, he made it better." 

Donal McAlister | Director of Marketing & Recruitment | Muscat University

| Oman | 22 May 2020

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"Graffiti, who had the important responsibility of taking charge and managing, [all aspects of communication for the So French 2017 Week], has taken on all of those areas in a remarkable way." 

Bernard Regnault-Fabre | French Ambassador | Bahrain | 29 May 2017

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"[…] The senior executives were so impressed with the corporate campaign [Graffiti created] that they recommended the campaign’s key […] components be integrated across all of Alba’s communications and form the foundation of Alba’s new brand guidelines. […]

Eline Hilal | Head Investor Relations & Corporate Communications | Alba
| Bahrain | 22 November 2012

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"Graffiti conducted a Brand Foundations for our newly formed Social Foundation with members of our management team and three generations of the owning family. The result was a clear and focused brand definition that helped us develop a new strategy and guided us in developing relevant programs and initiatives. We strongly recommend it for any organization and for the senior management to be involved in the process."

Abdalla Said | Corporate Communications Director | Al Muhaidib Group

| Saudi Arabia | 24 April 2017

"The Brand Foundation exercise with Graffiti gave us a fantastic understanding of the origin of our brand and what makes us 'tick.' We use it on a regular basis to make sure that what we do and say is always part of the core of our brand. So thank you Francois, for creating and making this happen!"

Åsa Tönne | Founder & Managing Director | Springling | Sweden | 21 Apri 2017


"Francois is addictive! He makes beautiful creative look easy, making it difficult not to work with him if you're looking for brilliantly creative work."

Rawwaf Alhasan | Director | Bahrain Gas | Bahrain | 11 June 2020

"Graffiti used the Brand Foundations process to design the logo of my start-up: Shero Consulting Services. Simple, elegant graphics that told our story and was so ‘me’ in character and colour. Only an agency that can go so deep to pick up the most subtle nuances can work such magic! I am forever grateful to the Graffiti team for getting my company off to a great start.

Radha Mukherji | Managing Director | Shero Consulting | India | 22 May 2020

"Graffiti were very perceptive of Zamil Group’s needs. They showed great dedication and professionalism and consistently delivered world-class products that were very well received by the Group’s stakeholders. The Graffiti staff all showed integrity and passion for their work."

Hekmatt Semaan | Vice President, Corporate HR & Communications

| Zamil Group | Saudi Arabia | 2 June 2012

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"[…] We are indebted to Graffiti for laying such a strong foundation for our brand and proving that good strategy backed by excellent creative can never go wrong. […]

Gordon Andrade | Head Marketing & Corporate Communications

| BMI Bank | Bahrain | 6 June 2012

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"[…] The Brand Foundations session [with Graffiti] proved to be one of the best investments in terms of time and money that BMI Bank ever made."

Gordon Andrade | Head Marketing & Corporate Communications | BMI Bank

| Bahrain | 24 April 2017

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"We soon found out that the process provided by Graffiti is nothing but ingenious. We highly recommend the Brand Foundations process that Graffiti provides."

Malin Nyman | Partner & Chairwoman of the Board | Catalyst AB

| Sweden | 21 April 2017

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"I have [worked] with Graffiti for over 10 years. […]

From our first interaction, we immediately noticed that their style of work was rather different from anyone else. […] their focus was to understand, connect, and analyze us at a deeper level to create a brand that mirrored our personalities. Over the years they assisted us in developing many other brands […]. Every branding [they created] for us is like no other […] and reflects the soul, vision, and mission of our firms. […]

I have the deepest professional and personal respect for Graffiti."

Ali Al Aradi | Managing Director | Capital Impact | Bahrain | 23 June 2020
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"Graffiti developed our brand strategic concept, logo and CI, and successfully handled all of our pre-launch, launch and post-launch initiatives. Their contribution to our banding has been very valuable to us. We have found them to be consistently creative, reliable and professional."

James McPherson | CEO | Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution | Bahrain

| 1 May 2012

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"We were super impressed with the creativity that flows out of Graffiti! I would not hesitate in recommending them.

Anisha Khan | Marketing Director | Starlinks | Saudi Arabia | 19 June 2020

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