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Toy Story

December 2017

David Gram, Head of Marketing at Lego Future Lab, is widely credited and globally acclaimed for orchestrating the spectacular turn-around of Lego, taking the brand from the verge of bankruptcy to becoming the “Apple of Toys”. The true Lego Hero!🦸‍♂️

Of course, this didn’t happen just by magic… or did it? With crazy change whizzing all around us, the business world in upheaval, Lego’s massive success story was indeed both a stroke of genius and a ray of hope. But what on earth is the secret recipe? 🎃🌟

Always on the ball and never afraid to grab the bull by the horns, our client Al Muhaidib Group aimed straight for the source:

- “François, we want this Lego guy to come and speak at our Management Conference. Make it happen.” - “Oh sure! And there was me fearing you’d never ask!...”

As usual, the magic of our own kicked in. A few emails, a couple of calls and boom: there was David Gram signed-up for the event! (eh yes: we do that! 😇)

The learning from his approach to innovation: the philosophy, the methodology, the processes, the means, the determination and the passion – Wow! Mind-blowing!

Of course, David was not the only speaker we commissioned. Also on our roster was Eva Steensig and her team (also from Denmark 🇩🇰 – as David), brilliant inventor of the equally amazing “SignBank” trend-spotting methodology.

We’d also recommended and signed-up British Social Entrepreneur Anisa Haghdadi – recipient of a British Empire Medal when only 23 years old and last year recognised as one of 50 New Radicals "who are actively changing their communities for the better". Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances prevented her from attending at the last moment. 😟

Nonetheless, the event proved immensely instructive, insightful and inspiring. As we praise Al Muhaidib Group for their fearless acumen and thank them for their trust in us, we can only look forward to next year’s event with great anticipation!

  • David Gram and Eva Steensig at the Al Muhaidib Executive Conference 2017



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