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Tiny Giants

October 2020

“What is essential is invisible to the eye. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly”

Antoine de Saint Exupéry: “The Little Prince”

Just like that, kinda out of the blue one day, sometime a couple of months back, a truly magical collaboration between Tiny Om (Virginie & Sara), Verano Creatives (Summer) and ourselves was born. OK, to be fair, Summer – more than magic – had very much to do with orchestrating it… So, thanks Summer 😘 (and Tiny Om).

While the brief was to introduce Tiny Om’s brand-new collection “Seedlings”, the real treat – truly – was to immerse ourselves in this beautifully creative, feminine, emotional and spiritual realm, and indulge freely into some truly unrestricted emotional creativity…

And definitely, working on such a gorgeous, delicate brand, with such a beautifully soulful, creative, intuitive and sensitive bunch totally delivered well on expectation and beyond! Diving into Tiny Om’s DNA, we soon discovered the profound spiritual soul of the brand; how each piece of jewelry silently speaks of its wearer’s precious, secret, intimate, invisible emotional milestones: hurdles, joys, memories or wounds. The whole project; the people, the brand, the jewelry, the shoots… was a truly nice experience🧚‍♀️.

But just as you can never really storyboard the sheer power of a smile – words – especially when it comes to emotions, the heart, and the soul – can hardly compete with pictures 💕. So why don’t we let the pictures (both the final ones and the ‘behind the scene ones’) do the talking…

Client: Tiny Om

Photography: Summer Ameen @summerameens

Agency: Thalia DDB @graffiti_thaliaddb @thaliamermaids

Wardrobe: Basics by Nature @basicsbynature and Maison du Maillot @maisommaillot

Hair: Elio @elioh81

Models: Ruby and Daniela from Matty B Models @mattybmodels1

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