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Viking 2.0

July 2020

What do Thor (the one of old Norse mythology – not the superhero) and a rainbow have in common? 💪🔨🌈

Well, in a strange turn of events, they were the creative inspiration behind a branding we just did for a Risk & Project Management Software consultant/reseller in Sweden 🇸🇪. Founded by a bigger than life, taciturn yet fun-loving, incredibly kind and warm character from the icy-cold northern tip of Sweden, the new company required a name, logo and identity.

Following an in-depth foray into the brand and it’s founder’s personality, it soon transpired that the plan was to go well beyond reselling top-class software and provide not just advice and support on the systems, but also expert consultancy on the importance and benefits of risk & project management in the building industry, not only in terms of cost control, but also in regard to safety, environment and civil responsibility 🏗👷.

Long story short: the brand name we suggested… Yikes… Will he dare?... Of course he did! Beyond Risk & Project Management was born! Aha… and what’s Thor got to do with this? Seriously: just meet the guy once and you’ll know! As for the rainbow? Well, that’s them: the magical bridge from the technology to all the bounty that awaits “beyond”. Our client oozed with a most uncharacteristic flurry of praise: “I think I like it” – he said. Music to our ears! 🎵

We’ve no doubt our favorite Viking will do great and we wish him and “Beyond” all the very best!

#ThaliaDDB #Beyond Risk&Project Management #Thor



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