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Go Girls Go!

August 2020

In the midst of the Covid slump, getting a call for a new project definitely warranted a little song and dance 💃. Making a few extra bucks in these hard times wouldn’t hurt one bit! So you’ll easily imagine that when we heard this was to be a pro-bono contribution for a non-for-profit cause, we were like… err… “Well actually, yeah! Sure! No sweat. More than happy to contribute and be a part of this in our modest way.”

And so there you go. The client, Talentnomics, an India-based NGO dedicated to inspiring, supporting and guiding women on a journey to become influential leaders and change-agents for a more balanced and harmonious world 💕, were organizing a large conference and needed branding support for it.

Instantly we were in full swing: our good friend and former colleague in Oman – Radha Mukherji – a TalentNomics advisory board member, came up with a brilliant name for the event: “Leading with Grit & Grace,” and we came up with the logo.

As we thank Iptisa Kathuria, TalentNomics India founder and CEO for her kind words of appreciation for our work and humble contribution, we also congratulate and thank her and her team for their brilliant cause and action.

Go girls, go 🦸🏻‍♀️! The world needs you.

#ThaliaDDB #Grit&Grace #TalentNomics #GoGirlsGo

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