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Gutsy Wisdom

November 2015

Take a used wire-brush drill bit, some discarded spectacles, a small Omani souvenir coffeepot; add an old cobbler’s wooden shoe-form, a piece of coiled phone cord – stir-in a huge dose of imagination, oodles of creativity, tons of talent, a bit of sweat, a few loose screws and ta-da… you’ve got yourself an amazing hoopoe bird!!! Er… That is, provided of course that your name is Tellok… Marc Tellok!

So, when the campaign concept we created for TeO (Telecom Oman) – in partnership with our DDB Oman buddies – called for illustrations of boundless imagination and creativity, it was a no-brainer: François immediately called his old art school pal in France – illustrator/sculptor/painter/ photographer Marc Tellok, for his magical artistry at turning anything into something stunning.

But kudos goes especially to TeO, who loved the idea and who, with fearless insight 🦸‍♂️, asked us to commission Tellok to create as many as twelve of his crazy bespoke creatures for the campaign! 🤪

Not everyone would have had the guts, but TeO did – so a big round of applause to them 👏 👏 👏. For, as Idris Lien – a brilliant creative director friend once explained: “Great creative is useless unless you can match it with a great client who has both the insight and the guts to go for it. That, my friend, is when the magic really happens!”

And magic this project was indeed 🧚‍♀️. So, thanks TeO, Tellok, Radha and to all those who played a part in making this happen. And thanks Idris, for this ever-so-true bit of wisdom.



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