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Challenge Accepted!

September 2019

These things happen – it’s just the way it goes – we’re used to it. But this one was well and truly a bit of a squeeze: “We have a sudden requirement for a full-fledged custom-designed / custom-built exhibition stand at the Global HSE Conference opening in five days! 😱😳 Can you guys pull it off?”

Well, our policy with Clients is always: “if you need it, then we’d best get it done, right!”

The race was on. Our client – Bahrain Steel ­– being a major sponsor for the event, it had to be done, it had to be good, and it definitely had to be ready on time for the Grand Opening!!!! With barely any time and Minister of Oil H.E. Shaikh Mohammad bin Khalifa Al Khalifa inaugurating the show, there was zero margin for error.

Let’s be honest: it was somewhat of a stress: concept/design/graphics/clock ticking/tech specs/contractor/building/clock ticking/fitting/kettle/coffee machine/flowers/don’t forget the sugar, sweetener, coffee-creamer/five days/DONE!!! Pfew… Donuts for all! 🍩 It’s on me 🥰.



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