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As Seen on TV

September 2020

Not that we’re counting, but seriously: we must have done over a hundred shoots with Summer; still or video – in Bahrain 🇧🇭, in Kuwait 🇰🇼, in Saudi 🇸🇦, in Oman 🇴🇲… and even in international waters ⚓️🐬 somewhere between Bahrain and Iran. Not only that, and not only are we good buddies, but we even share our work/studio space, in a literally “mi casa es tu casa” arrangement.

So, it was no surprise, when she was approached by Bahrain TV to do a special report on her as the amazing award-winning photographer and film-maker that she is – that she naturally roped us into this yet again new and exciting adventure!

A date was set and off they went: Summer, Louise, Angie, along with Waleed Al Balushi from Bahrain TV, on an impromptu demo shoot in the souq, then into our shared space/studio/gallery/etc… (“the Secret Garden” as it is known) for interviews and all, before a more extensive interview of Summer herself took place at the BTV studio 🎥 📺.

Obviously, the BTV report will be telling the story best [ ]. But thanks Summer, for including us in this little escapade from the routine, and congrats indeed, on your brilliant interview, your exceptional talent, and for getting the recognition you deserve 🏆. Much more of this in store for you, no doubt. (And rightly so).



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